Sunset Overdrive throw back review

In this weeks blog I will be reviewing the game Sunset Overdrive. Sunset Overdrive is an open world, third-person shooter video game made by Insomniac Games and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One. It is a comical game with a lot of humor in it and will occasionally break the fourth wall which to me is funny.


The game is set in 2027, in a fictional open world metropolis called Sunset City. The player controls an employee of FizzCo, who has to fight off the OD, short for Overcharge Drinkers: humans who have turned into mutants after drinking FizzCo’s soda beverage. In the dystopian Sunset City the player character will have to fight to survive and will meet different factions to ally with. In the game the player can wall-run, use zip-lines, and grind rails to swiftly navigate through it, with a large variety of weapons to use. Weapons like the TNTeddy, which shoots out explosive teddy bears at your enemies, are all very unique and fun to use. Another example of a unique weapon is The Dude, which shoots bowling balls at enemies. The game also has a cooperative multiplayer mode called Chaos Squad, which tasks players to complete a series of missions with several players. This mode supports up to eight players, and tasks players to complete a series of missions, as decided by the players themselves. Players defend vats of Overcharge Delirium XT from waves of OD’d at night, in a manner similar to tower defense games. In this mode, players need to stop the progression of the ODs by laying traps and setting up fortifications and barriers. This mode is inter-connected with the single-player mode allowing players to transfer their story character, with all the weapons and gadgets they have already accumulated, to the mode. Although players work together, players also try to earn more Style points during play than their co-op partners.


The controls of the game are very responsive, but can take time to get the hang of in the beginning and can turn some people off from the game. Luckily like in most games there is a tutorial on how to use the controls when you start to control your character. Once you get the hang of it its fun to navigate through the city. As I mentioned before player can navigate by wall-running, zip-line, and grind on rails. Players can also bounce off of certain objects; perform an air dash, and water grind.


The game focuses on aggressive combat so it does not feature a cover system. It is like one minute you are just grinding along trying to get somewhere and the next thing you know you are surrounded by OD which at times can be annoying.  Players will have to keep moving if they do not want to die. If the player can pull off a number of stunt kills it will fill up your style meter and activate your amps. Players pull off stunt kills by killing enemies while grinding high or low and by bouncing off objects. Amps are special abilities that can be equipped to both your character and their weapons.


The music they chose for this game I found interesting because I never heard garage or punk rock music before. The way they use the music was in a dynamic way meaning that as long as the player is doing something the music will play. For example, if your character is just standing around music will not play, but once you start grinding and traversing the music starts up and it gets louder when you are in combat. The sound of the game is good as well. The sounds of your character as you grind on rails, bounce off of objects, dash through the air, and fire your weapons. Even the sounds the OD makes when you are near them are good.



As far as missions go for this game I liked some better than others. Personally I have not really liked missions in which I had to protect a certain person or group of people. I find it tedious and they take too long. On the bright side even though there are some missions like that they are a bit more creative and fun to do. For example, the night defense missions are fun because you get to set up traps before it starts to help you out. There are also different challenge missions in the game that are all timed based. For some you have to collect a certain number of items in time while others is a test of your traversal skills

Character Customization

This game lets players create their own character and customize them. In my opinion the customization is ok at best. It does not let you mold and sculpt the face or shape of the character to the way you want them to be. Players can only chose between two body types for their male and female characters, you cannot change or modify the voice of your character, and you cannot change their personality. The clothes that are used to customize the character are unique and it is fun to come up with different combinations to make an outfit.

In the end Sunset Overdrive is a really fun game to play that I really enjoyed despite some of its flaws. If you get it from GameStop it will cost $20 if you get a pre-owned copy and $30 for a new copy.



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