Injustice 2 New Trailer

Hey guys it is I the Night Owl back again finally after a long silence period with some Injustice news for you. A new trailer dropped today after 4-5 months of no news. The  trailer is called The Lines Are Redrawn. It is a cinematic trailer that showed of 5 new characters that are going to be in the game. Those characters are Bane, Poison ivy, Robin, Brainiac, And Darkseid. It also showed at the end of the trailer the different editions you can pre-order. There is a standard  edition with Superman on the cover, a ultimate edition with Batman on the cover, and a digital deluxe edition with Supergirl on the cover. If you go here: you can see what you can get with each edition and if you go here: you can see how much each edition are going to cost. On the Injustice 2 site there is a countdown to the next character revel and we have 20 days and 23 hours until then. That is all for today folks remember that the games comes out May 16, 2017 and for more news about Injustice 2 stay tuned for more. Have a nice night.27442243952_da50e8cca6_b


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