Game Informer gallery

I want to work for a gaming magazine or news outlet like this one day. Game informer is a monthly magazine that has not only news about games in it, but also interviews with other gamers and developers.
Game reviews are present in this magazine as well it helps readers get a general idea of how the game was and if it is worth buying now or later.
They also give sores for the games they played. rather you agree with them or not is up to you.
They get to cover events like gamescom and E3 where all the big reveals happen.
Tournament winners also get a place in the magazine. Thanks to this they get more exposure in the competitive community.

First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Hi i am the Night owl and I started this blog to review and talk about video games. This is my first blog so I may not be good right away and I may not post as often, but I will try. As time goes on I may not only just talk about video games. I may talk about movies, comics, cartoons, or anime I have seen. I will be sure to try and improve so that i am not all over the place.   Have a nice night.