Dark Souls 3 moment

Hey everyone Night owl  here to tell you about some funny moments I had playing Dark Souls 3. Lets start with my encounter with the sword master who is near firelink shrine. So I go at him feeling confident after defeating Iudex Gundyr thinking I could take him. I died 5-6 times trying to fight him it got to the point where I was violently screaming in my head. I tried many tactics to bet him to no end. Finally I said Fuck it charged at him and kept hitting him until we both fell of the edge. After reviving I took his stuff and moved on. Another funny moment is I was fighting the mad woman on the road of sacrifice. At first I was doing well against her but then I got hit with a front stab from her giant butcher knife and I was like nope got to get out here, got to heal. I rolled down a path, healed, and turned around ready to fight only to find that she was gone. I looked around and discovered that she fell off the edge. I could do nothing but laugh at that. I was not expecting it and could not stop laughing at the fact that I won with out doing much fighting. There was another time something funny happened while I was playing the game with a friend and he was fighting a crystal lizard that he ran into trying to find his way into a building. The fight lasted awhile with him striking and dodging when he could. Then as he dodged the lizards rolling attack it glitched through the wall and disappeared. We were shocked and confused as to what just happened and just could not contain our laughter. It went on for a while, but we calmed down and continued playing until we finally found away in.

Alright those were some funny moments I had playing Dark Souls 3. What are some funny moments that you had? Please comment below and let me know. This has been the Night Owl Good Night everyone.darksoul_facebook_mini

Video Game Events In Chicago

So I have been searching the web trying to find some events that you all might be interested in going to. So far I have three events that I am sure you will enjoy.

First is the Arcade Video and Game room expo. It was held at Crowne Plaza Chicago O’hare 5440 N. River Rd, Rosemont, IL 60018. It started on August 25th and ended on the 27th of 2016. Their home page website is http://avgrexpo.com/ and the number to contact them is 1-800-323-3547. Ticket prices are as follows:

Advanced Adult Admission: Exhibit Hall/Free Play Area – $30/day or $50/2 day pass.
(If purchased prior to Aug. 18)

Post Adult Registration: Exhibit Hall/Free Play Area – $35/day or $60/2 day pass.
(If purchased AFTER Aug 18 or at the door)

Kids (ages 6-12) – $10/day
Kids (ages 5 and under) – Free

I will keep you informed when this starts next year. Here is a YouTube promo of the event:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BuqRVDL7fE

The next event I want to tell you about is one I have been to before. It is called C2E2 (Chicago comics and Entertanment Expo). It is located in the South building at McCormick Place Chicago IL. This event was a lot of fun and I am planning to go again next year on April 21-23. They have a bit of everything their comics, video games, anime and much more. They have special guest show up for example next year they have Stan Lee, Jon Bernthal From Daredevil, Jeffrey Dean Morgan from The Walking Dead, and more. Their website is  http://www.c2e2.com/ and their contact number is 800-354-4003.

Their ticket prices are different for each day and if you get them early. You can start buying them early tomorrow October 26th. For a Friday ticket it will cost $30, Saturday ticket will cost $40, Sunday ticket will cost $35, Sunday kids ages 6-12 will cost $10, 3-day pass for kids ages 6-12 will cost $20, and a 3-day pass for 13 on up will cost $70.

The last event that I could find that related to Video games was the Video game Summit. This event takes place at the Odeum Expo center on 1033 N. Villa Avenue Villa Park, IL 60181. Their Website is http://avc.atari-users.net/VGS/?page_id=118. If you want to email them you can at Dan@VideoGameSummit.net and call them at (708) 688-4561. Admission is $10 per person and children 12 and under with adult are free. There is also free parking for this event.

There you have Video game events that happen in Chicago. Sorry that there are not more but that is all I could find. If you know any that I might have missed or might find interesting please let me know in the comments below also let me know if you might check out any of these events. Have a nice Night.17095829858_17665a9ab9_b